Why Its Important to Unplug and Allow Nature To Recharge You

When you look at the above photos how do you feel?

What emotions are conjured within when you see the vast beauty of nature that covers our earth?

Now look again, stare at the images for a single minute, hear the sounds of the trickling stream or the forceful waterfall. Recall the freshness of the air when you are out of the city near water, take in a deep inhale, and another and another.

Now again I ask how do you feel?

We spend hours everyday connected to screens, we live our lives one text, email, tweet or status update at a time. The world we exist in today is digital, instant and on demand. This adds anxiety and stress to our daily life, knowing that at any moment we could be expected to be called upon for any number of tasks. This anxiety leads to many different health effects including….


Scary stats right? So, when was the last time you went outside and actually gave nature some genuine attention?

When was the last time you did not look at a screen (yes phone included) for an entire day (yes a full 24 hours)?

Well this summer we challenge you to get outside, immerse yourself into nature and recharge and awaken parts of you that you forgot existed. Join us at Shadow Mountain Cabins in beautiful Kootenay Lake British Columbia this summer. Contact Oz by phone at 1-250-255-3551 or email info@shadowmountainoutfitters.com for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you.